Our Reason for Being

Founded as a cooperative effort among Ministers of Music from the four main churches in Cary, the Cary Community Choir continues to gather each year in the spirit of celebration and ecumenicalism.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for singers in church choirs from across our region to prepare a portion of Messiah by G.F. Handel each year and to present this concert for the public as a community of faith marking the beginning of the Christmas season.  This annual concert stands alone as Cary’s longest-running tradition.

We are singers who gather each year for three rehearsals in preparation for this concert, held in various Cary churches.   We are orchestra members and Soloists that are hand-selected to provide the best art that our area has to offer.  We are members of the Cary community who rejoice collectively at Christmas, proclaiming the advent of Christ, God’s gift to all people.  We are church musicians despite differences of denomination and other beliefs, who enthusiastically proclaim through the greatest music the one creed upon which we all agree:  Jesus Christ is Lord.